RV Owner Basic Education Courses

Let's face it, the RV industry is overwhelmed and getting service can be tough.  Our courses are designed to help you learn how your RV works, and more importantly, how to fix it when it doesn't.  Take charge of your investment. Stop relying on others.

Classes will be held at our home base in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


More About Our Services:

RV Refrigerator

Our team is trained to diagnose, repair, and replace all RV refrigerator units. We don't work on residential-style refrigerators.

Air Conditioning & Furnaces

Camping during all seasons allows you to enjoy your investment year-round. We'll keep you going. Ask your tech how you can maximize the performance of your equipment.

Water Heaters

A hot shower after a long day in the mountains is important. So RVEE is here to keep it hot. Preventative maintenance is key to the life of your hot water heater.

(Not to brag, but we are experts at that.)

RV Roof Repair

Over time the roof on your RV takes a beating from the elements. We are happy to check for leaks, damage, and take any step necessary to keep your unit safe from Mother Nature.

Slides & Awnings

Problems with slides and awnings can sneak up and ruin your day, often putting you in a bad position. Our RVEE tech will be happy to get you on the road as fast as possible.


"PLUMBING HAPPENS" Don't stress, water problems seem like the end of the world, but we can make it right. Early detection and correction is important so don't wait until your dog is floating on the table to call.

(Ask how we know)


Sometimes you just need to ask questions to determine the problem. Feel free to run an idea past one of our experts.